Our mission

Khlassik aims to offer the perfect product mix for the travelling women to TRAVEL IN STYLE and to provide the ultimate curation in women’s clothing, fashion and accessories; allowing our customer to discover the ultimate travel capsule closet.

Our story

A family owned and grown business, Classic Spirit saw its beginnings over 25 years ago and has most recently made the decision to transition into Khlassik. The business has developed over the years, tailoring the product mix to suit the ever-changing trends. In an ever-changing market, Khlassik is continuing to pursue the businesses existing strengths and grow the online and digital platforms.

The store began selling Mela Purdie over 10 years ago and is now the largest stockist of the product worldwide. Over the years Khlassik has built an incredible customer following for Mela Purdie that has become the base of the existing business and Khlassik continues to grow and develop the presence of this power house Australian label. Khlassik's product mix over the last 10 years has evolved to reflect this change in customer; and has over time become a specialist in travel clothes.

Khlassik has also built a well-known reputation for exceptional customer service. Each staff member is equipped with high levels of product information to be passed onto the client. Khlassik offers travel wardrobing, styling advice in the form of seasonal events, in- store styling sessions and consistent up-to-date email marketing.

At the forefront. Khlassik has created one of the most highly regarded fashion retail spaces in Sydneys North Shore. Attracting top tier profiles and clientele; through high circulation fashion, travel and lifestyle collaborations in print, digital and online.