TRAVEL in STYLE. Khlassik aims to offer the perfect product mix for the travelling women to TRAVEL IN STYLE. Our vision at Khlassik is to provide shoppers with the ultimate range in women’s clothing, fashion and accessories; We provide our customer, wherever they may come from, the ability to discover the ultimate travel capsule closet with stylish travel clothes for women at the heart of our brand. A family owned and grown business, Khlassik saw its beginnings over 25 years ago. Since then, the business has matured over the years, tailoring the product mix to suit the ever-changing trends for ladies travel clothes. This product mix is designed to reflect the relaxed and natural simplicity of the Australian woman’s lifestyle.

In an ever-changing market, Khlassik continues to pursue the business’ existing strengths and maintains a steady growth online and throughout multiple digital platforms to reach its broadening customer base. All through our growth and business evolution, one proverb has always stood to be true and consistent. That is to help our fashionable jetsetters and globetrotters to travel in style. Khlassik began selling Mela Purdie more than 10 years ago, and we now proudly stand as the largest stockist of the product, worldwide. Throughout these years, we have seen an incredible customer following from the Australian-based brand, that has since become the heart and soul of the existing business and defines what it means to travel in style.

Khlassik's product mix over the last 10 years has evolved to reflect this change in customer; and has over time become a specialist in stylish ladies travel clothes.

What Does It Mean To Travel In Style?

The concept, ‘Travel in Style’ here at Khlassik, doesn’t just mean choosing the first apparel that fits the latest trends; we aim to provide our loyal customers with timeless, distinguished yet minimalist apparel that can work into any outfit, for any season. We stock all essential base shades, being your blacks, whites and greys as well as your chic geometric shapes, being your simple stripes or mosaic prints, to help complete your polished, no-fuss outfit. We’ve also got a carefully selected range of colour within our product mix that are perfect for complementing your base-shade essentials to assist in distinguishing your personal flair.If its bold prints that you’re after, our range expertly caters to a range of unique and easy to wear prints that team back with our essential base shades to a T. 

A lot of our favourite styles are made from light material, ideal for wearing in the warmer temperatures or for wearing as an underlayer in the cooler destinations. It’s also a great way to help keep your suitcase nice and light! Discover our best-selling lightweight fabrication Mousseline; this technical polyester offers optimal comfort and style by mimicking the properties of silk in its lustre and texture, but with the ease of care of polyester. Crease resistant and fully machine washable, this lightweight fabrication is perfect for travel clothing for womenFor those destinations where the temperature can drop from day-to-night, browse our range of refined outerwear,great for throwing over the top of any outfit to look sheike and sophisticated. Our wide range of weather protective and water resistant jackets ensure that our customers can not only travel in style but also invest in high quality garments that are also highly functional and practical. Our simple, yet elegant accessories are not only low-maintenance travel companions, they’ll also revitalise any ensemble. See our range of Krystle Knight jewellery for graceful crystal drop necklaces, made in sterling silver or rose gold. Our selection of Prene Bags will help you ditch the backpack for a more dapper look; they come lined with pockets to keep everything organised for long days on-the-go! Fully machine washable, these bags are the perfect companion for the travelling woman’s wardrobe.

Why Shop At Khlassik?

Khlassik has also built a well-known reputation at providing exceptional customer service to our clientele. Each staff member is equipped with high levels of product information to be passed onto every customer. If you’re after high-end travel wardrobing, styling advice for seasonal events, or in- store styling sessions and consistent up-to-date email marketing then Khlassik is the place to shop for you. With energetic, welcoming staff and a dog friendly location, feel right at home shopping with Khlassik for all your travel clothing needs. Our regular in store events such as exclusive runway shows and styling workshops in collaboration with Libby Allaway guide our customers to reach their fashion goals and truly travel in style.

Where Can You Find Us?

At the forefront, Khlassik has created one of the most highly regarded fashion retail spaces in Sydney’s North Shore, interested in creating timeless and distinctive stylish travel clothes for women made from quality fabrics only by the most reputable Australian and international designers. Because of this, we attract top tier profiles and clientele through high circulation fashion and travel and lifestyle collaborations in print, digital and online. At Khlassik, we are passionate about offering quality clothing designed to reflect the relaxed and natural simplicity of Australian lifestyles, and we hope to help YOU travel in style, today. Shop online, or visit us in-store now. We look forward to meeting you in our flagship store located in Mosman.