About Mela Purdie Australia

Established in 2001, Mela Purdie Australia is a renowned fashion label designed to deliver stylish travel clothingto women on the go. Their luxurious range of relaxed, contemporary women’s travel clothing is designed to reflect the mood of effortless styling. With more than 90-95% of garments being produced and sourced locally within Australia, Mela Purdie has a strong commitment to support local manufacturers in her mission to produce high quality fashion to Australian women.

Mela Purdie Australia’s vast collection of women’s travel clothing aims to deliver a solid foundation of wearable basics to the Australian market with both comfort and style in mind. Designed to flatter a variety of shapes and sizes, Mela Purdie has created a range that reflects the perfect combination of form and function. With high quality fabrications and the availability of fashionable plus size options, this practical range of women’s clothinghas seen the success of the brand. It is her versatile yet simplistic styles, which helps the modern woman form the perfect wardrobe building blocks for a timeless capsule closet.  

The capsule styling and technical fabrications are a key focus of the brand. With a range of exclusive textiles using advanced technologies from international and sometimes local Australian mills, Mela Purdie Australia has developed a travel friendly garment range that allows its wearers to truly travel in style. The natural simplicity of these garments additionally provides a platform for individual style to the wearer.

Why We Stock Mela Purdie

As the largest stockist for Mela Purdie Australia worldwide, Khlassik proudly began stocking the brand over 10 years ago and now supplies Mela Purdie on an international scale. The values and simplicity in the idea behind the brand philosophy of Mela Purdie; to provide its wearers with, ‘CHIC, at EASE and luxuriously RELAXED’, dressing resonates with the mission here at Khlassik.

Our mission at Khlassik is to provide the perfect mix of women’s travel clothing for our customers to curate the ultimate capsule wardrobe, reflecting the modern simplicity of Australian lifestyle.

The high quality, style and ultimate comfort of the Mela Purdie Australia label ensures that this brand is the travelling woman’s best friend. This is why we retain the largest holding of their current and core styles of women’s travel pants, dresses, shirts, skirts and accessories; shop Mela Purdie online or in-store today. 

What They Offer  

The Mela Purdie Fabrication range is what makes the brand stand out with respect to both quality and functionality. With all technical fabrications manufactured specifically for comfort and optimal style, Mela Purdiehas been able to curate a range of lightweight, durable, crease resistant, fully machine washable and easy to care for garments; perfect for women on the go. Her best sellers include Mousseline, Microprene, Matte Jersey, Panne and Italian Wool. Other top performing seasonal fabrications include Crepe Double Knit, Cotton Memory, Velvet, Printed Silk and Whipped Satin.


Mousseline is our best selling women’s travel fabrication. Crafted from 100% technical polyester, this unique blend was created in Japan from an extremely rare and fine denier line, which is finished with ’air flow’ technology to create an airy, silk-like effect. Fully machine washable, Mousseline offers similar properties to silk in its drape and lustre, with the benefits of being crease resistant, user friendly, durable and easy to care for. Available in women’s shirting, bottoms, accessories and lightweight jackets, this fabrication is essential for the travelling woman.

Matte Jersey

Using an original composition from Australian owned mills, the Mela Purdie Matte Jersey fabrication has been perfected over the years since its inception in 2001. Sourced from Europe, this jersey is formed using a high twist crepe viscose possessing pill resistant properties, durability, resiliency, comfort, easy care and long last. Ideal for the woman on the go, this fabric is an everyday staple.


Microprene is the traveller’s best friend, crafted from an expert blend of cotton, polyamide and elastane. This unique fabrication is designed for optimal comfort, durability, functionality, style and ease of care. Perfect for the everyday wear, Microprene is lightweight, machine washable, crease resistant and highly ideal for warm climates.

Italian Wool

Mela’s seasonal wool fabrication from the knitwear range offers the highest quality. Crafted from a high twist crepe yarn that has been designed specifically to reduce pilling and increased durability. Using a range of gauges suitable for both summer and winter, all wool products are imported from Italy.

It is these qualities that have made the brand a perfect fit for Khlassik to suit the needs of women who lead a busy lifestyle; from new mothers, to business women to globe trotters, Mela Purdie Australia is ideal for the woman on the go.

How You Can Travel in Style with Mela Purdie  

Whether it’s a quick weekend away, a business trip or your next European adventure, pack smart with Mela’s versatile, easy to care for range of women’s pants, shirts, dresses, outerwear and accessories online.

With the creation of Mela Select– Mela’s carefully curated core basics range, form the essential foundations of your travel friendly wardrobe. Available in core colours Black, White and French Navy season-to-season, year-to-year dressing couldn’t be simpler!   

Travel anywhere in style with these versatile, ready to wear pieces. Our packing essentials for any European adventure through Italy, Spain and France include a range of Mela’s Mousseline, Matte Jersey and Panne pieces. See what’s in our essentials guide to a carefree summer trip using items from her core range.

Your Summer European Escape Essentials:

These effortless pieces are the perfect mix and match essentials for anything from comfort dressing on the plane to exploring a new city full of rich culture and diversity. Ideal for layering, wear your Mela Purdie any way you like to reflect your individual taste and style!

Tips & Style Hacks

  • Wear the Crystal Maxi with a classic tee underneath with the sleeves rolled and white sneakers for a relaxed day look.
  • Transform the Crystal Maxi at night by wearing it with strappy sandals and by tying a knot on the right hand side split.
  • For an off duty day look team the Café T with the Soft Cargo pants, for evening chic swap out the Café T for the Crystal Tank in a matching colour to the Soft Cargo Pant.
  • Wear the Panne Tailored Legging on the plane for ultimate comfort and warmth teamed with the Café T.
  • Dress up the Panne Tailored Legging with the Soft Pocket Shirt for a Parisian dinner.
  • Throw an Audrey Tank effortlessly over the Microprene Cropped Pant and a slide for a day of buying up a storm at the local shops.